INNISFREE Black Green Tea Mask 4ml


A wash-off mask formulated with Jeju black green tea and fermented real green tea leaves for firmer, clearer skin.

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1. Formulated with black green tea (an after-fermented green tea called the “black label of green tea”)
Contains 55.0% black green tea made of pesticide-free Jeju green tea leaves that have been fermented and then matured for 100 days throughout two stages.

2. Double care effect by after-fermented green tea water and leaves
A mask infused with after-fermented green tea leaves that provides your skin with cooling & soothing effects, and removes excess dead skin cells after rinsing off for clean and soft skin.

3. Antioxidants of black green tea for clean complexion
Richer antioxidants of black green tea after fermentation deliver deep moisture and nourishment to your skin for clean and clear complexion.


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