For wholesale/bulk selling:


  1. Go to Lotte Duty Free Website or visit and click SHOP NOW on the Home Page banner.
  2. Browse through the website and shop anything you want. Make sure to take note of the Product URL or link to the item you want to order.
  3. Once settled, submit your orders through the order form on our website. It can be found on the Menu Bar Lotte Duty Free Order Form
  4. After submitting a form, kindly wait for an email from us with Order ID and Invoice.
  5. Please pay within 2 days otherwise your order will be cancelled. Full Payment is required including local shipping fee. Once paid, please submit your proof of payment through our website. It can be found on the Menu Bar Proof of Payment“.


1.We will not accommodate orders via messages. Kindly place your orders through our website found on the menu bar “Lotte Duty Free Order Form”

2. You will be required to put the Product URL on the order form so we can order the correct items. Items without Product URL will not be ordered.

3. Here’s how we will compute the amount of an item:


Regular Price x .90 = Discounted Price

Example (Refer to the Photo):

$175 x .90 = $157.50


If the item is on SALE, then you need to pay the SALE PRICE as is.

Example (Refer to the Photo):

$105 = You need to pay $105

4. The total amount in peso will be included on the invoice you will receive via email. The computation is as follows: Discounted Price x 53 (Fixed Exchange Rate) = Amount in Peso

5. You will receive an estimate amount of shipping fee on your invoice. Shipping fee will only be local, no need to pay for any international shipping fee.

6. We will always deduct the 10% discount from the REGULAR Price. In any case that an item is on sale, we will use the SALE Price as long as you pay within the SALE period.

7. ETA of your orders to Philippines will be 5-15 days after payment confirmation.

8. Some more items/brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and the likes are being sold in Lotte Duty Free but cannot be found on their website. In such cases, you may send us an email at with the product name/model/color and we will check the availability of the item for you. Please expect an email for the quotation in 24-48 hours.

9. If an item is marked as OUT OF STOCK on the website, then we cannot order that. In case an item you ordered and paid for is not available, we will reach out to you to process the refund.

10. If an item is on sale during the time it was ordered but not on sale anymore after the payment, then you need to either pay the regular price with 10% discount or cancel your order.