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Neulii Bio-water B9 Hydration Serum – Review

?This serum helps repair and reinforce the skin barrier to better retain moisture and improve skin texture. Bio-water gives instant hydration and bolsters the skin barrier while B9-Vitapol imbues skin with moisture and reduces pimple-causing porphyrin. Finally, Beta-glucan soothes skin and protects against external aggressors.
? This serum is a clear, unscent d aqueous gel, it pumps out viscous but is rapidly absorbed by the skin. I’ve been using this in both my morning and evening routines for the last three weeks.
? I purchased this from @rrkoreanshop because I was looking specifically for a hydrating essence or serum because my dry skin constantly needs hydrators, and this has been working perfectly. I haven’t encountered a hydrator work this fast or this well on my skin — my skin literally feels the instant hydration and the plumped up skinfeel I get from this is extraordinary. It also doesn’t pill or cause other products to pill (even in my lengthiest routine — you know how much I love my steps) or grease me up on the hottest days. This also helps soothe my skin after I apply actives.
? I really love this serum — even more than snail mucin, I must say — and will definitely repurchase once I run out. It’s about P390 (under $8) for 80ml — how awesome is that? Neulii has been such a pleasant discovery for me this year, I also love their Squalane Desertica moisture cream, which I also plan to repurchase.

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