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Arrahan Peeling Gel 180ml


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Arrahan peeling gel a soft exfoliant. This unique product targets only dead skin celis and removes elbows, kness hands and dry part of your body for removing dead skin and brightening skin tone instantly.

[ Arrahan Charcoal Peeling Gel ]
Charcoal Peeling Gel gently removes dead skin cells
Gommage product specializing in dead skin cell removal, turning complexion bright and translucent
Combination of charcoal and collagen effectively removes impurities
Balances moisture to make complexion smooth and dewy

[ Arrahan Apple White Peeling Gel ]
“For Bright Skin”
This apple peeling gel contains extracts of apple and ingredients which can brighten skin.
It removes dead skin cells softly and helps make your skin bright and fresh.
You can feel you skin smooth like the surface of apples as well as clean fresh.

[ Arrahan Aroma White Peeling Gel ]
“For Bright Skin”
This aroma peeling gel has scents of lavender and bergamot which has the effect of aroma therapy,
It removes dead skin cells softly and helps make your skin brighter, smoother and more moisturized.

[ Arrahan Lemon White Peeling Gel ]
“For Bright Skin”
This lemon peeling gel contain extracts of lemon and oranges which have vitamins.
It removes dead skin cells

How to Use:
Dry off face after washing. Take an adequate amount and evenly spread over face, except for around eyes and mouth.
Gently massage into face until impurities and dead skin cells begin to rub off. Then wash off with lukewarm water.
*Use once or twice a week but adjust number of times used based on condition of skin.

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