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Centellian 24 Madeca Mask Centella Hydrating Formula

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CENTELLIAN 24 MADECA DERMA HYDRATION FORMULA MASK (blue) is the functional mask pack for reduce your wrinkle and give your skin whitening. Besides, Centella Asiatica ingredient extracted by following seven stepped extraction process is contained help maintaining skin vivid and healthy.

In the other hand, Centellian 24 mask pack is 100% cotton mask, which is light and soft fit and tightly attached to skin helps to absorb and effectively absorb essence on skin. Contains Centella Asiatica water extract to keep dry and tired skin alive and healthy.

The benefits of this mask pack: • Reliving skin stimulated by strong sun light • Calming skin defect occur by external stimulus • Reliving the skin stimulus occur by heat • Moisturizing • Inner tightening function

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APPLICATION: After cleansing your face apply some skin toner first. Take the Madeca Derma Sheet Mask out of the package and adhere it evenly over your face avoiding the eye and mouth area. Then remove it after 10-20 minutes. Using your finger, gently pat remaining product into the skin for absorption.

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