How to Order through the RR Korean Shop Shopping Service?

  1. Download and install Kakaotalk application from Play Store or Apple Store. Sign up for an account and click the third icon (magnifying glass) at the bottom to FIND. Add us by ID or through QR Code. Our Kakaotalk ID is rrkoreanshop. Our QR Code is:RR Shopping Service QR Code
  2. Once you add us, try to send us a message. Some first-time users cannot send us a message and encounters an error message. In such cases, kindly send us your Kakaotalk ID or QR Code so we can add you first. Please send it through our Facebook Messenger
  3. Once a chatroom has been established in Kakaotalk, please send us your inquiry or desired order through a URL or link. In most cases, we need you to send us the website link of the item you want us to purchase on your behalf to avoid future issues. A Korean representative will assist you so kindly speak in English.
  4. Once the URL is provided, a quotation or invoice will be provided to you. An estimate cargo fee will or can be provided to you at this point.
  5. Down Payment of at least 50% is required for us to process your orders.
  6. Once the item reaches the RR Korean Shop warehouse in Korea, you will be informed of the weight of the item/s and the actual cargo fee. You will then receive the final amount and will be required to settle the balance on or before it reaches our warehouse in Metro Manila.
  7. Once the items arrive in our Metro Manila warehouse and once all payments are settled, we will ship your orders through our local couriers.
RR Shopping Service


There will be no transaction fee. To compute the amount of the item in peso, just follow our fixed exchange rate of 1 PESO = 20 KRW. You will pay the converted amount to us without additional mark-ups.



To get the amount in peso, convert it by:

35,000 krw/20= 1,750 php

You need to pay 1,750 pesos only for the item.

(exclusive of cargo and local shipping fee)

You need to consider 2 shipping fees: A.) Korea to Korea (Some sellers charge local shipping fee in Korea but most offers free shipping) B.) Korea to Philippines (An international shipping fee will be charged according to the weight of your orders and will also depend if sent through air or sea cargo.) C.) Philippines to Philippines (We send items by batch so once the items arrive in our Philippine warehouse, we will ship it to you using our local couriers)

  • Air Cargo – Shipping usually takes 10-15 days to the Philippines. Cargo fee starts at ₱ 49 per 100 grams.
  • Sea Cargo – Shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks to the Philippines. Cargo fee starts at ₱ 9.9 per 100 grams or ₱ 99 /kg.

We will be responsible for all customs clearing so you don’t need to worry. We will get your orders to you without any hassle.

Mostly, yes but we might charge additional shipping fee for bulky items. We will follow the actual weight or its calculated dimensional weight, whichever is higher.

Yes. We will only process orders with 50% DP or full payments.

RR Korean Shop will not be held liable for any fraud made by 3rd party websites. The reason why we let you choose the website where we need to buy your items is for us not to be responsible for any fraud that may occur.

We will refund your payment through your preferred refund method.

You can pay through Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit or through Gcash.

We use Gryffon Courier for Metro Manila orders and JRS or J&T for Cross Provinces/Cities