Elizavecca CER 100 Collagen Hair Protein Treatment 100ml


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– The mask for hair exhausted by hair dryers, dyes, curls and irons.
– Elizavecca Cer-100 Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment is developed using the most effective restorative components that can penetrate deep into the hair structure and fill in the gaps and microcracks formed under the negative influence.
– Collagen has the ability to envelop hair and penetrate damage.
– The voids filled with them on the surface and under the scales of the hair can prevent brittleness and make the hair stronger, denser, and also relatively more elastic.
– Ceramides make up for the deficiency of natural keratin and ceramides in the structure of hair, which leads to the launch of their recovery processes, smoothing, strengthening.
– Thanks to its rich composition of protein and amino acids, soy protein has a powerful healing effect.
– Hair is filled with strength. Become stronger and look better.
– A wheat protein hydrolyzate nourishes the hair follicles, preventing hair loss. Being an excellent building material for our hair, proteins stimulate the production of keratin in the hair, restore, give shine and fill with energy.

How to use: The mask is applied to clean, damp hair for 5–20 minutes. depending on the desired effect (the more damaged the hair, the longer you need to keep the mask), then rinse with water.

Volume: 100ml


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