DHC Vitamin C 60-Day Supply (120 capsules) NEW PACKAGING


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“DHC-Supplement Vitamin C 60 Days, 1,000 mg vitamin C (2 capsules) for nourishing the body and skin. Considered an antioxidant that helps to restore the body in many ways, such as helping to restore sunburned skin, reducing freckles, dark spots, and returning a healthy glow to the skin. Stimulates the circulatory system of people who smoke. To return to normal and look healthier It also helps to prevent colds as well.
• prevent colds
• Reduce the problem of freckles and dark spots
• Restore healthy shine to the skin
• Stimulates the circulatory system of smokers
• Contributes to the creation of natural collagen
• Helps the fresh wound heal faster
• Prevention of scurvy
Take 2 capsules per day with warm water or normal temperature water (not chilled)

2 capsules of DHC Vitamin C contain
• Vitamin C 1,000 mg.
• Vitamin B2 2 mg.


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