Lemona Gyeol Nano Fish Collagen & Vitamin C


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The best collagen product for glowing, bright, and flawless skin


Lemona Gyeol Collagen is the Korea’s No.1 in 3 leaders of vitamin and collagen production. It contains the best Concentrated Collagen Extract from Marine Fish 25% (500 mg), Vitamin C 6% (120 mg), Calcium, Aloe Vera from Mexico, Vitamin A, D3, E, K1, B1, B6, B12 Vitamin Acid, and Lemon Powder. It helps improve the excretory system, promotes skin to be glowing, bright, and flawless without acne, as well as reduces melasmas and dark spots. It also prevents and inhibits freckles, helps synthesize and stimulates collagen production, inhibits the formation of melanin pigment, brightens skin naturally, prevents the body from getting a cold easily, helps increase the body’s immunity that has to face with various conditions, and helps reduce stress and fatigue. It is sour, sweet, refreshing, delicious, easy to take, and easy to carry without fishy smell.

Lemona Gyeol Collagen is a popular product that most of Korean women like to take. Apart from being a skin food, it is suitable for people with acne inflammation. It helps dry acne faster and nourishes skin to be radiant like a Korean girl.


Helps nourish and adds vitamins to skin to be beautiful
Helps delay premature aging
Served as an antioxidant
Prevents deep wrinkles
Promotes skin elasticity
Evens out skin tone and fades away dark spots
Promotes skin to be smoother and brighter
Builds immunity to the body to prevent colds


Gyeol Collagen Plus is made from low molecular weight fish collagen with a molecular weight of less than 3,000Da, extracted from fish scales through an enzymatic hydrolyzation process.

Low molecular weight collagen and a vitamin, in one stick pack.
You can get your daily vitamin C requirements from just one stick pack once a day,
As Gyeol Collagen Plus contains 120mg vitaminc C, which functions as a cofactor of collagen synthesis.


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Gyeol Collagen 10pcs, Gyeol Collagen+ 10pcs, Gyeol Collagen TUB, GyeolCollagen+ TUB


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