Pororo KIDS Ice Cool Relief Roller 75ml


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Product Features:

– 50ml bottle, rolling ball design is extremely convenient to use, you are not afraid of spilling medicine and not afraid of spilling too much medicine.
– Use for mosquito, insect bites or irritant dermatitis (itching, scratching).
– Can be used by both children and adults. The drug is designed for children, so it is completely hypoallergenic for their tender skin.
– Relieves itching and discomfort gently and effectively.
– Provides moisture and retains moisture to the skin, keeping the skin soft.
Contains aloe vera extract to effectively soften skin.
– The itching will stop scratching, will not scratch the skin, leave scars.
– Medicines can be applied immediately after being bitten or when itching. Can be applied several times a day. When the itching is relieved, extend the application time.
Pororo is a famous brand name product, mainly used for children in Korea, adults can also use it. The product contains aloe vera extract that softens the skin.

Pororo image and colorful bottle design along with rolling ball (like armpit roller) make baby very interested and comfortable. The product is designed mainly for children so it is extremely safe to use even around the eye area of children (adults keep the baby from touching the eyes for a few minutes until the gel is absorbed into the skin).

The product is an indispensable thing to carry when your baby goes out to play. If bitten by a mosquito or insect, Pororo immediately relieves your baby of discomfort.

The Pororo Roller Bottle comes with a very cute Pororo shaped keychain.



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