Precious Skin Soap Collection


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VITAMIN E: Skin care soap, smooth texture With nourishing vitamins E That combines the natural value of Sunflower oil.
SNAIL WHITE GOLD: Help reduce freckles, dark spots, brighten skin. Helps to tighten pores
ACNE SOAP: Reducing dark spots, blemishes, and freckles. suitable for acne skin. Cleansing impurities and bacteria. Control excess oil. reducing the causes of acne on the face and body. concentrated snail slime soothes the skin
COLLAGEN: Brightening & Anti Aging Formula, reduces dark marks
ALPHA ARBUTIN: Alpha-Arbutin blocks the production of melanin and brightens the overall complexion of the skin.

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Vitamin E, Snail White Gold, Snail White Collagen, Snail White Acne, Alpha Arbutin


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