Binggrae Flavored Milk Drink 200ml


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Place of Origin: KOREA…
Volume (ml): 200ml

A drink that most, if not all, South Koreans know and love is the Banana Flavored milk. One of the best sellers in stores, the flavored milk can be considered as Korea’s national beverage.

After 39 years of making banana flavoured milk, Binggrea surprised the consumers with a new flavour, and so the strawberry flavoured milk was born. This also became a delightful drink to Koreans. It has a sweet and milky strawberry taste to it. You will love this if you like strawberry. However, you won’t find this in every shop so you might have to search for shops that sell Binggrae’s strawberry flavoured milk.

Binggrae’s another well-known product is a melon flavoured ice cream called Melona. And people say melon flavoured milk tastes just like melted Melona in a bottle.

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Banana, Strawberry, Melon, Coffee


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