Lemona KF94 Protective Mask


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Prevents respiratory system from infection sources including yellow dust, fine dust, particular harmful substances

<Why Lemona Face Mask?>

– Increased protection with design that fits tightly around nose area
– Breathable face mask with abundant space
– Comfortable ear band: soft and elastic ear band

<4 Layer High Performance Filter>

– 99% filter efficiency against fine dust
– Tight nose wire
– Breathable face mask with abundant space
– Prevents influx of large particle dust
– Prevents influx of harmful material through filter

<Detail of 4 Layer High Performance Filter>

– Inner material (felt)
– Medium material (felt)
– Nose bridge (Polypropylene stainless steel wire cloth)
– Ear loops (nylon / spandex)
– Outer material (felt)
– Filter (Polypropylene felt)

<How to wear a LEMONA MASK>

(1) Stretch both sides of face mask
(2) Wear it so that the nose bridge goes up
(3) Place a loop around each ear and adjust the mask
(4) Gently press nose bridge to make mask fit more tightly
(5) Make sure the mask fits without air leakage


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