CJ Haechandle All Season Ssamjang {Bean Paste} 170g


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12 months/It’s best to be stored in a fridge once opened./Made with the golden ratio of taste, this delicious Sagyejul Ssamjang(All Seasons Seaoned Bean paste) goes well with various vegetables and meats.

1. Store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight. Once opened, it is best to store in a fridge.

2. This product turns darker as it ages, and may form gas because it contains natural ingredients. It is a phenomenon that is caused by aging. You may consume this product at ease.

3. Particles that appear to be black are part of raw materials(Soybeans, grains of wheat) that you can consume at ease./No.1 in Ssamjang industry for 8 years consecutively (2007-2014)

The original Ssamjang(Seasoned Bean Paste) with 30 years of tradition!

1. This product is made under the golden ratio between Haechandle Doenjang(Soybean paste) and various sauces, boosting the taste of Ssam(Veggie Wraps) up.

2. Lightness and savoriness in this product match well with meats and vegetables.

3. The original of the ssamjang, by far, has a peerless taste.

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