KLAIRS Preparation Unscented Facial Toner [RENEWED VERSION]


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Main Functions and Differences:
✔ Fast absorbing
✔ Lightweight texture
✔ Low irritation

The main difference between the two are that the unscented packaging has changed from a brown bottle to a transparent bottle to match the theme of the no essential oils. In addition, there is a beautiful purple and silver color theme for a newer, fresher, and sleeker feel to the product. Therefore, you now have the option to choose between the two!

Below is a criteria that you can always reference to when you are deciding between the two versions of the toner:

If you are…

Sensitive to fragrance or essential oil = Unscented
Prefer skincare products with some fragrance = Original
Prefer lightweight and fast absorbing toner = Unscented
Enjoy natural fragrance or essential oil = Original


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