Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam 30ml


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‘- Deep cleansing foam to perfectly remove BB cream residues throughout the first and second cleansing process.
– This deep cleanser for removing BB cream contains fine baking powderto remove tiny dead skin cells and impurities found in the pores.
– Also, its natural rice bran powder content cleanses skin to remove old dead skin cells and long-wearing BB cream residues.

* Completely removes long-wearing BB cream
The baking powder, rice bran, and silica provides triple effects cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and complete removal of long-wearing BB cream.

* Baking powder with amazing purifying and mild exfoliating effect
The foam contains baking powder, which is well-known for its outstanding purifying effect. It perfectly cleanses the pores stained with dirt and impurities of the day. It also removes dead skin cells from your face.

* Rice bran from nature, working together with silica powder
In addition to baking powder, the foam contains natural rice bran powder and silica powder to care for pores of varying sizes, from microscopic ones to loosened pores. It also removes impurities found in them.

VOLUME: 30ml

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