Mamonde Triple Multi Cleansing Foam 100ml


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What is it?
A 3-in-1 multi cleansing foam, which removes makeup, sun cream, and dead skin cells in one step to leave your skin feeling refreshed as if it was washed with water infused with Irish flower.


Key Benefits
1. Formulated with Russian Iris extracts, Beta Carotene and Micro Beads to help remove unwanted makeup, sunscreen as well as dead skin cells, giving your skin a cool finish in just a single foam.

2. It also controls unnecessary sebum on the skin surface, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and energetic at all times. The Iris extracts contains the following properties:

Anti-bacterial effect – Helps kill harmful bacteria
Anti-inflammatory effect – Inhibits inflammatory factors
Purification effect – Inhibit sebum secretion to reduce impurities
3. Specially designed with Micro Beads with 50μm cellulose that break into fine particles to effectively remove unwanted makeup trace, sunscreen and impurities on skin surface.


Product Texture
A soft, rich creamy foaming cleanser.


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